Moving out

This is the first ever blog page I put up.

This marked the point in my life where I actually wanted to share a piece of me to the world, something I didn’t do before because it leaves someone- leaves me vulnerable and I hate feeling that way.

It took me a good few years to convince myself that it’s okay, that it’s fine to speak out, that it’s alright to open up. The day I created this blog, aestheticallae, I l let go of those thoughts and It was pretty good.

For the last few months, I stayed inactive mainly because of academics and of course the ever so friendly Mr. Writer’s Block but I’m here now. Only now I’ll be coming from a different name.

Writing has been and is still a refuge for me. As a person who is not good with words, I run to letters to express myself. Apart from that, I express myself through art. For the longest time I have been very interested in photography. This year I’ll start to not only share my mind but my craft as well. Imagine how scary that is for me, putting my craft-my heart out to the universe. But I believe it’s gonna be worth it. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Better this than store them all where no one sees them.

I have shared with you how I think of the world (and will continue to do so), today I mustered the courage to share with you how I see It.

Thank you for the support I was given here. Every like made my heart flutter, every comment induced happiness and for all those award nominations I got, I am beyond grateful. It all means a lot.

Creating a new page isn’t easy. Sometimes the links won’t just cooperate with you but I won the wrestle so here we go, my new baby…

The Latte Blog


In this new journey, I’ll really give it my all.

I have a lot to work on but hey, Life is a work on progress and to progress is the goal!

Thank you very much!

I wish you guys an amazing year and the courage to share your heart to the world. It’s kinda scary, or maybe I’m just a scardycat, but I’ts a very discovering-yourself process. It’s worth giving a try.

All the love,

Abby, aestheticallae

9 thoughts on “Moving out

  1. Aww. Goodluck with your new page. You’re doing great with pursuing what you want! Speaking of your new page, I couldn’t go through your link. What’s you url?


    1. I did actually and I love how diverse and informative the topics were. I look forward to reading more from you. ^^


      1. Hi Bia! A tip from someone who’s gone through this; if you add www in front of any link, WordPress actually lets you click it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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