[Part II] Captions

A sentence can be a story.

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D1 | The story behind

A photograph shows how one sees the world…in all sorts of unique and intriguing ways.  I started this blog with a post on how I write captions using images I got from Google. Now I’m starting a 21-day photography challenge to share photos I’ve taken and create captions for them. You can make captions for […]

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Washed out stones

On that day on the beach I had a friend with me who shared my love for art and photography and almost everything. We found these smooth flat stones by the shore and we were like these have to be photographed!  We gathered a few more. I also found this green stone, it looks like […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

Have I ever said that the past two weeks have been amazing? It was!!!  Thank you again Olive’s Shapes for this honor. I am truly grateful to be recognised by a person of talent. I would have nominated you back but then I see you are already nominated.  Rules for the nominations: • Thank the person who […]

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