Su historia

Writing isn’t only her passion, this has been her refuge. 
When no one was there to listen, all she had was a pen and a paper. Every thought, every idea, every emotion, she put them into words. These words, she kept them from the world.

She was afraid. 
She has always had a different mind. Her way of thinking was entirely different from most kids her age. She grew up in a punishing world, she faced hard times, she had battled hunger, she had conquered life without a roof over her head. She saw how cruel the world was, how unfair the people easily dropped judgment. She was afraid that if the world saw her words they will be ruined. 

For these words aren’t only from her mouth and neither from her mind. It was all of her heart…and letting the world see her words, she felt vulnerable. 
Her whole life, she shut all out. She didn’t let anyone in. She told nobody nothing. Her mother was her rock but that boulder was also cracked, for that she also had to be strong, for both her and her mum.

She conjured a smile, she put on a mask–a happy facade. She hid behind every laughter and nobody saw she was broken. 
No. She wasn’t broken. 

She was shattered

All that was gluing her together was her faith. 

She believed in her God. 

She willed to go on because the Bible said God helps those who help them themselves. 
She had a rough life… but somehow, today, she manages a genuine smile. 

Today, she is living. 
She found herself. 

She also found herself sharing her words to the world… Her thoughts, her ideas, her principles, her heart and her soul. 

She wasn’t afraid anymore.

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