A first

Yesterday, it was raining and I’ve never felt so alone. 
College is hard. Taking up engineering  in college is harder. Being an irregular engineering student…dude! Bedrock hard! 
I have a lot of groups. I have a group from my actual batch, the batch after me whom I was classmates with in physics 1, another group from my calculus class composed of this year’s transferees and a group from my contitution class which consists of pips from a different department. I’ve never had this much cliques in my life. 
Yesterday, my classes started at eight. At some kind of miracle, I woke up at five in the morning. I was ecstatic. I’ve always had trouble waking up early so I was always late in AutoCad (mostly absent, but always late). Then it rained. It’s wet season now and the rains have been pretty heavy. I opened my wifi, made my way to messenger and poof! the teacher said “no AutoCad today”. I didn’t know what to feel. Why is this class always cancelled when it’s a day I’m actually gonna be present?!
I moved on and resumed reading last night’s book. I did some laundry at nine then got back to sleep, woke up at twelve then went to class at one. I had a two thirty class after that then a vacant between four to four thirty. That’s when things got rough. 
I had no friends. 

Well, I do have, but not that day! 
I went to the library to check on them (the actual batch group). No one was paying attention to me. No one was talking. No one was giving a glance… Everyone was on their rulers, graphing this and that… I know they’re busy, they had more requirements to pass, it was prelims… I guess I just miss them. 
I was so alone I had nowhere to go.

I found myself by the canteen that afternoon. I just crossed my legs and put up my phone’s reader, shutting out all the noises. Five minutes later, our pal, rain, poured.

 I was wet. 

I was alone. 

I had no umbrella. 
Definitely not the greatest of my life! 
Lesson learned: Do not skip semesters. It’s hard to meet subject pre-requisites. 


Ps. I wanted to thank Olive’s Shapes for the generosity and the surprise of nominating me for the Unique & Versatile Blogger Awards. I shall be doing the Versatile award…maybe tomorrow. Again, many many thanks! Do check out the blog olivesshapes.wordpress.com. Cool stuff!

Pps. This is so different in content compared to those I have posted and if there’s a thing such as ‘Rant’ for a genre then this is it. 

Ppps. On second thought, i really just wanted to share my day cause you know… I was deprived of human interaction that day. Haha (^_^)


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