Virtual reality as a window for the entitled youth

If you ask them “what is hunger?”, they probably won’t know.

I’m talking about real hunger, like haven’t-eaten-anything-today-and-maybe-also-tomorrow hunger.

And I’m talking to the youth, the children, the teens, the millenials who unfortunately have been already eaten by the vanity of the world– both in social media and in actual life.
In a world full of fast growing technology, it’s very easy to keep up to date with the latest news and issues around the globe. In a swipe of a finger, everything is within reach.
It has been a while since I last watched the news. I know things from articles I read online, watching.. . It’s just very tiring and depressing.
News today are collections of the evils of the world. Same stuff everyday. Riots, war, politics, corruption, discrimination, blood. everywhere!

What about the issues that need immediate attention? Like education. .. The environment. Poverty. Health!

I mean, is this all that this world can offer?

Humanity has evolved and one of the new skills it acquired was self-destruction.

Somebody needs to establish a universal-wide 911. We need help. This is the reality we face.
Question. Does the entitled youth know?

Do they have the slightest idea?
If you can afford a phone, a rent in a cyber café, a grande in Starbucks, a sundae in McDonald’s or a bottled water. You are entitled.

Why? Because other people could’ve used all that money to last them a day, a week and even a month.
Children nowadays, they’re pretty mature for their age. You need not protect them from all, they do great jobs managing themselves (it was part of the evolution. Another skill, self-sufficiency). Seven… ten-year olds, they already know how to voice out their minds.

They talk a lot.

Swear a lot.

Date a lot.

Post a lot.

Use makeup a lot.

Spend a lot.

Internet a lot.

Still, they know nothing.

Oh they know what the new filter in Snapchat is and the cool feeds on Instagram but that doesn’t count does it?
For reality itself isn’t found in Clash of clans and Subway surfers. There’s no such thing in Snapchat and VSCO. Having iPads and laptops and cameras doesn’t mean you see what’s going on around you.

And even if you saw, even if you knew. Knowing never guaranteed caring.

Virtual reality, it’s a way developed for people to “experience” real-like versions of things before their eyes which aren’t actually there.

I tried the roller coaster thingy once, it was so real, it triggered my fear of heights.

Again, a gadget full of fun stuff.

Virtual reality does not justify it’s name.

If you ask me, virtual illusion would’ve suited it better.

Cause reality isn’t all about fun stuff. It has a dark side and humans are designed to care.
After the intro, yes all of it was an intro, this is my stand.

VR has allowed us to tour Disneyland… feel it, be happy…

When will it take us to Haiti, to the Philippines and to the other parts of the world… To the houses of the less fortunate and the places of the homeless?

When will we be able to experience, feel, be compassionate of real life?
Until then, virtual reality is virtual illusion.

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