Isolated apocalypse

There is a zombie lurking in my house. It’s at home when I am and leaves when I do. It attends my classes and goes to my school.
It’s disheveled hair bothers me. I don’t think it knows that a comb exists. Good thing it knows how to bathe. For this, my nose is grateful.
For some time, I have been investigating it’s reason of existence. How did it come to life…or death… Life. Death. Life-ish deado? Whatever.

I got nothing. Only I’m sure it was a virus. My only hope is that it isn’t from the Umbrella Corporation. The only Alice I know is from wonderland.
It feeds on certain things and emotions. It likes commendations and compliments and flattery but usually everyday it feeds on despair and frustrations. It’s favorite snack are numbers, it loves one and zero and zero together, no place for lone zeros and seven and five. It’s a rather picky eater.
Last year, it disappeared after the preliminaries and appeared yet again on midterms.

If it does this again this year, we have a pattern. A lead.
I continue to investigate.
Three months later, finals, it was present again.


Until one day, one morning, it finally made eye contact. It was the first time it did that.
I was surprised to see fully functional eyes. Apparently, we share the same eye color. I reached for my eyes and it did too. I was about to speak and it opened it’s mouth too. I was beyond petrified.
It mirrors my movement… Wait. Mirror?
Slowly, i dragged my gaze upwards and sidewards. I returned to see it still staring, thinking.

The white wood panel that hugs the glass on its edges were confirmation.

On my way down, I passed a mirror on the hall… I am it. 
But how?
How did I end up lik-
I know now!

The virus!

The source!
I rushed to campus.
And as if a magical a mist that hides the undead from mortal eyes was lifted, I saw.

With my two eyes, I witnessed… everyone was infected.

How could you?!
You have tethered these beings to the concepts of A+’ rather than actual skills and capabilities.
How can four letters of the alphabet justify the future of a child?
It not only eat brains. It eats dreams.
Alive but not living.

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